Golem and OpenAI in Talks to Harness Supercomputing Power

• OpenAI and Golem are in negotiations to harness supercomputing power.
• OpenAI is looking for opportunities beyond conventional data centers, and they have found Golem’s blockchain network that offers decentralized computing power.
• A successful testing phase will result in OpenAI reserving the right to use Golem’s supercomputer infrastructure with GLM tokens.

OpenAI and Golem Negotiations

Golem (GLM) and OpenAI Limited Partnership have entered into advanced negotiations to harness the supercomputing power of the largest decentralized supercomputer to date. With an exponential growth in popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI is facing difficulties in expanding their servers quickly enough to meet the current demand. Therefore, they are looking for alternative solutions beyond Microsoft’s Azure Data Centre.

What is Golem?

Golem is an open-source, global market platform for distributed computing resources on the Ethereum blockchain network. It enables users from all around the world to rent out their computing power or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) hardware on a pay-per-use basis. This allows individuals or organizations with specific computational needs access to large amounts of computer processing power on demand at significantly lower costs than traditional cloud computing services like Microsoft’s Azure Data Centre.

How Will The Testing Phase Work?

If the testing phase is successful, OpenAI will utilize Golem’s available resources during peak hours when needed by Microsoft’s Azure Data Centre. This helps reduce overall load while still meeting customer demands during times where server capacity would otherwise become overloaded due to high usage volume. As part of this agreement, OpenAI will reserve rights to use Golem’s decentralized supercomputer infrastructure using GLM tokens as payment for services rendered.

Benefits Of The Agreement

This agreement between Golem and OpenAI demonstrates a positive sign for not just these two companies but also for the cryptocurrency community as a whole due to its potential implications on how digital currencies can be utilized as payment for services rendered instead of relying solely on fiat currency transactions alone.


This partnership between GOLEM and OpenAI has great potential implications on how digital currency can be utilized globally as payment for services rendered instead of relying solely on fiat currency transactions alone which could potentially revolutionize how our economy works in the future if it turns out successful..