Ripple vs SEC: Final Verdict Could Launch XRP Bull Run!

• The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit appears to have reached the final stage wherein the judgement could be produced in favour of the company.
• The demand to relist XRP on exchanges is becoming more prominent due to the ascending positive sentiments.
• XRP appears to be largely unaffected by the ongoing bearish market sentiments as the prices continue to hold the crucial $0.39 levels.

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is in its final stages, with the verdict potentially being in favor of Ripple. With the increasing positive sentiment surrounding the case, the demand to relist XRP on exchanges is also growing. Despite the bearish market sentiment, XRP continues to hold its crucial $0.39 levels, which is a good sign for the crypto.

The latest hearing of the LBRY vs SEC lawsuit has brought fresh hope for the Ripple vs SEC case. John Deaton, XRP army representative in court, presented a strong argument due to which LBC tokens were declared ’not security‘ by the judge. This development has further boosted the positive sentiment surrounding the Ripple vs SEC case.

The XRP price has gained significant bullish momentum since the positive news emerged. Looking at the weekly chart of the XRP, the prices are showing a green trend, with the resistance being close to the support. If the price breaks the resistance, it is expected that a bullish trend in the form of Wave 3 will begin. A popular analyst known as ‚Dark Defender‘ has shared his views on the XRP chart, saying that if the price breaks the resistance at $0.42, it could see further gains in the coming days.

The crypto space is eagerly awaiting the verdict of the Ripple vs SEC case. With the increasing demand for XRP relisting, the verdict could be the deciding factor for the success of XRP in the market. Investors are hopeful that the verdict will be in favor of Ripple, which could mark the beginning of a new bull run for XRP.